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shows how document scanning improves efficiency

Document Scanning

Whether you need to keep an electronic image of a document for safe keeping, you want to improve efficiency by making imaged documents available at the click of a button, or just save on storage, we can help.

Images are produced according to the needs of our clients, optimising their size to minimise storage overheads and maximise the efficiency of any electronic document management system they might become part of, but never letting the quality of the resultant image slip.

ndata's document scanning system is built for production. Using the latest high-speed scanners and leading software technology, we can provide your company with the ability to convert paper records into searchable digital images. Documents that were once difficult to locate can now be found from your desktop, every time. 

Capturing the document and keeping it safe 

With the capacity to scan ten's of thousands of documents every day we provide our clients with copies of their documents in industry standard image formats.
Working in accordance with the relevant standards & legislation, we ensure that the imaged documents are legally admissible should the information they contain ever be required as evidence in a court of law.
In addition, by keying the relevant information from the images we produce, we can provide the indexes on which electronic document management systems rely, allowing the images to be accessed quickly and effortlessly.
Organisations can become more responsive to the needs of their clients with all the information they need at their fingertips.