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returning data control to the user

Microfiche Scanning

Before the advent of electronic imaging microfiche was a preferred storage medium for large volumes of documents. A typical paper document would be 'shrunk' by up to 1000 times in size making microfiche a great way to save space. 

Specialised equipment was required however in order to read the information stored on the microfiche, making access expensive and cumbersome. Because of this, information held on the microfiche would assume an 'archived' status and not play any role in an organisation's future activities.

Many organisations would thus have huge amounts of valuable yet inaccessible information.

ndata specialise in microfiche scanning which returns control and accessibility of your data to you. We will produce a multipage PDF or tif file from each microfiche which is easily viewable on your computer.

Typically, the image files would be named as per the original microfiche index data but because we are helping you to make your data accessible, there are also other, more powerful options. Key fields or the entire contents of each page can be used to form the index, making the task of retrieving data a simple case of entering the relevant keywords.

Save time, finding the data you need


We can help educational establishments reduce labour costs by making their student record information accessible at the touch of a button, so their staff don’t need to spend hours trawling through thousands of microfiche to find the information they are looking for.
We can help local authorities and other government departments to have immediate access to planning files, preserving the data permanently and ensuring planning enquiries and disputes can be settled quickly and easily.
We can help financial institutions to get instant access to archived information, helping them to better serve their clients.